Sandon Estate Meadow Drone Shot
Sandon Estate Water Meadow
Neil Sizeland
Sandon Estate Water Meadow
Sandon Estate Drainage Map
Sandon Manor Pond Creation
Charles Webb


Land drains are identified from old maps. Trail holes are dug along the length of the land drain to identify a suitable soil type. In the photo above, the lighter clay subsoil is perfect for holding water.

Sandon Estate Wildflower Meadow Planting
Sandon Estate Wildflower Meadow
1877 map of the historic park at julians
Sandon Estate Trees


This Ordnance Survey map from 1877 was used to help identify where veteran trees have been lost. The park will be recreated by planting saplings in these locations.

Sandon Estate Autumn Woodland Canopy
Sandon Estate Oak Tree and Hornbeam

veteran oaks

One of the veteran Oaks surrounded by hornbeam. This Oak has horizontal lower branches below the current canopy of the wood which tell us that this tree grew up in a more open environment. Some of the surrounding hornbeam will be coppiced to allow more sunlight to reach the Oak.

Sandon Estate Scrub
Sandon Estate Deer Fencing Installation

Glenfeshie before deer control
Glenfeshie after deer control